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Social Cooperative Enterprise supporting Creative Contemporary Projects

The Cooperative was established with the main purpose of supporting and highlighting modern, independent and innovative artistic projects at a Domestic and European level. Focused on music, visual and applied arts, Techne Social Cooperative operates as a networking and collaboration bridge between young artists where tools such as the exchange of know-how and services help in the mutual development and also the recognition from the general public. Through the modern and creative activities of the Cooperative and according to European standards, the information, raising awareness and motivating young people to work professionally with various forms of Contemporary Art is set out as an additional purpose. It acts, as an Advisory Center (with European specifications) of Networking and support of new independent artistic schemes. More specifically, the purpose of the Cooperative is:

a. the provision of services, the production and disposal of products to meet the needs of community (culture, education, exchange of know-how, utilities, exploitation and promotion of local products, controlled modernization of traditional activities and professions, alternative training tourism, etc.) which promote local and collective interest, promote employment, strengthen social cohesion and strengthen and promote local or regional development. For the fulfillment of its objectives, the Cooperative can exercise any form of economic activity of productive, consumer, commercial, transport, touristic, building, development, social, educational or cultural character.

b. Create a human network, as horizontal as possible, to highlight human artistic work through collegiality and parity, free from all kinds of exploitation. In order to fulfill and serve these principles and purposes, the Cooperative Social Enterprise can develop all kinds of mediation activities in this relationship of the employee with the user/consumer. In any case, it does not seek to obtain a commercial profit for its members. Each economic activity will tend to fulfill and serve its above-mentioned non-profit physiognomic characteristics and aspirations.


The purposes and operation of the Cooperative are governed by the following principles:

  • The promotion of social interest through the production of goods or the provision of services of equitable collective, social and cultural nature,

  • The protection of the individual and labor against capital and unfair competition

  • The strengthening of social structures and social productive networks by promoting competitive tools and healthy competition, through the exchange of know-how and services

  • The use of its profits to develop know-how, innovation and expand extroversion

  • The protection, production and promotion of independent cultural creation

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